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Welcome to my website a work in progress which will explore the various Hiddleston families that can be traced back to a few villages in Dumfriesshire, South West Scotland.

I first started this research before records became available on the internet which meant trudging graveyards, searching paper records and interviewing as many Hiddlestons as possible. Inevitably, more information has been acquired now that so much is readily available on the web. So please enjoy the fruits of my labour!

The publication Surnames of Scotland cites the name Hiddleston as of local origin from the Parish of Westerkirk, Dumfriesshire. However, this appears somewhat unlikely, as this parish is situated much further to the East than any recordings of the name. The confusion probably arises because there is a Templand in Westerkirk and also near Keir Mill where the early records begin. What is certain, however, is that the name does originate from S W Scotland. Wherever they are in the world now, any Hiddleston's roots can be traced back to a few villages in Dumfriesshire.

This work also suggests that the name was borrowed from the West Riding of Yorkshire, where there is a Huddleston Hall, but as the Huddleston family were centred much nearer Scotland - at Millom Castle, County Cumberland - this is a more likely link.

Records show that Richard de Hodlesdon and John de Hodeleston lived in what is now known as Cumbria in the 1100s, and it is known that King Edward recruited his armies there when he moved north to fight Robert the Bruce.

Is it possible that the Hiddlestons who settled in Dumfries were Mercenaries from Cumbria who decided not to return South? A theory supported by the fact that DNA testing suggests a definite link to Huddlestons

Early recordings of the name Hiddleston (and variants) in Dumfriesshire are rather sparse, since in the main they were well behaved and gave little cause to be entered in official records as either landowners or villains.

However, from the early records it would seem that Keir and Dunscore are the Parishes in which the Hiddlestons were settled by the 1600s, and from which they slowly spread outwards and northwards up the Nith valley. In the nineteenth century, the effect of the Industrial Revolution and the building of the railway becomes evident, as Hiddlestons from Dumfriesshire appear in Glasgow, Liverpool and other urban areas.

Some emigration also took place to America in the early 1800s, when John Hiddleston, and Martha Philpott settled in Ohio and others went to Australia and Tasmania.

The main Parishes where the name appears are:

Annan, Closeburn, Dumfries, Dunscore, Durisdeer, Glencairn, Holywood, Kirkconnel, Kirkmahoe, Morton, Penpont, Sanquhar and Tinwald.

David Hiddleston

Feature Articles

feature 1 Early Records

The earliest recordings possibly associated with the name Hiddleston are in the Commissariot Records of Edinburgh and Dumfries. Additional information is recorded in Sasines which are legal documents noting the transfer of land

A list of these early recordings can be found in the Documents section of this website - use the tab on the left to access.

feature 2 Variants of the name

Inevitably, there are a number of different spellings of the name in the early records, either due to poor education or possibly strong accents. It still happens today!

These are the ones that I have found so far:

Hiddleston, Hiddlestone, Hiddlestonn, Hiddelston, Hiddeleston, Hiddelstoun, Hiddlestoune, Hiddilstoun, Hiddilstoune, Hiddilston, Hiddlestonne, Hiddletston, Hiddleson, Hiddliston, Hiddston, Hiddlestane, Hiddlestanes, Hiddlesonne, Hiddleton, Heddleston, Hidlestoun, Hiddellston, Hidelstoune,Hidlesten, Hideston, Hidlston, Hidleston, Hidlestone, Hidestoun, Hidlston, Hidlistonne, Hidelston, Hidilston, Hidilstone, Haddleston, Hedilstone, Hedleston, Hilstane, Hilston, Hilstoun, Hilstoune, Hilstone, Hilstons, Hilteston, Hiltestoun

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The family trees on this website are for individual groups. At some point in time these families will have been linked but despite the growth of DNA testing it is not currently possible to say how they are related to each other.

The following trees have been added to the site so far. Search on the hint name to access the earliest entry.

Annan Parish - Search Hint: William Hiddleston 1792 ID=l1

Closeburn Parish - The family who settled in Cumberland. Search hint: James Hiddleston 1785 ID=l97

Durisdeer Parish - my family. Search hint: William Hiddleston 1724 ID=l341

Dunscore Parish

- the Dempsterton family. Search hint: Thomas Hiddleston abt 1750 ID=l1

- the Kilroy family. Search hint: John Hiddleston 1750 ID=l192

- the family of Thomas Hiddleston and Jane Maxwell. Search hint: Thomas Hiddleston abt 1750 ID=l76

- the Burnfoot family. Search hint: James Hiddleston abt 1750 ID=l36

Glencairn Parish - Search hint: William Hiddleston 1650 ID=l127

Kirkmahoe Parish - the Riddingwood family. Search hint Robert Hiddleston abt 1700 ID=l145

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